(Mind)-setting students up to succeed: social-psychological interventions in the classroom

Improving Teaching

One student"s prediction of what will happen next in history One student’s prediction of this half term in history

How does my ‘average’ student see herself as a learner?  Many are confident in their abilities and eager to succeed.  There are others though: sure they are stupid or incapable; certain that intelligence is fixed; weighed down by perceptions about who can succeed (not them).  How can I change these beliefs?

Their ideas seem deep-rooted; often, I realise the existence of a block in a student’s mind but feel that my brief affirmation as to their capacity for success, provided they try, has done little to change their underlying view of themselves and school.  Assemblies focusing on growth mindset or identifying role models may go some way to solving this.  Often I feel deeper intervention is needed and question when and how I can do this.  There may be a solution:

In recent years, several rigorous, randomized field experiments have shown that seemingly “small” social-psychological interventions—typically brief exercises that do not teach academic content but…

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