Finding Praise in PE


In a recent post I wrote about the Sutton Trust and Praise, specifically in PE. It was a long, rambling windy post where I finally got to my own practice at the bottom. This was what I thought:

1. Task associated Praise – (link my praise to the key teaching points of the task).

Well done Jimmy that was an excellent tackle because you kept low – eyes to thighs.

A very good tackle Bobby because you went cheek to cheek and ended up on top of him in a safe position

An effective tackle Sammy because your arms made a ring of steel around his legs and took away his balance

Well done Harry that was a great tackle because you didn’t stop at the point of contact and followed through with your shoulder and body

2. Effort associated Praise (linking effort and success together).

Well done Jimmy your tackles…

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Geography teacher. PhD in cultural/historical geography (Nott'm., 2006). SF/F genre fiction fan. Liverpool FC supporter. Libertarian. Humanist. Etc. I blog about the theory and practice of Geography teaching, and teaching in general.
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