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The subtle art of giving praise

Originally posted on the primary head's blog:
I can still remember, as a young NQT, having the school’s celebration book presented to me at 2:00pm on a Friday afternoon, an hour before the weekly celebration assembly was due to…

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Mindset: The things we say

Originally posted on Class Teaching:
  I’ve written before (lots!) about growth mindset and why I think it’s important.  I think we need to be careful though.  If it’s really going to make a difference, we need to think very…

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The Problem with Growth Mindset | HuntingEnglish

Originally posted on The Echo Chamber:
I was brought up by my family to believe that you got your just rewards for working hard. It is a belief that has stayed with me and nourished me throughout my life. Well,…

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Resilience, Buoyancy and Grit: Are they the same?

Originally posted on Psych(ed):
I’ve attempted to explain the way I view these terms before, while at the same time trying to conceal my frustration at the way they are often used interchangeably. Definitions are important to researchers because…

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Finding Praise in PE

Originally posted on drowningintheshallow:
In a recent post I wrote about the Sutton Trust and Praise, specifically in PE. It was a long, rambling windy post where I finally got to my own practice at the bottom. This was what I…

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(Mind)-setting students up to succeed: social-psychological interventions in the classroom

Originally posted on Improving Teaching:
One student’s prediction of this half term in history How does my ‘average’ student see herself as a learner?  Many are confident in their abilities and eager to succeed.  There are others though: sure they are stupid or incapable; certain…

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Anyone who doesn’t clap must be taken outside and shot.

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Why aren’t rewards working?

Originally posted on Joe Kirby:
“Everybody has won, and all must have prizes.” Lewis Carroll’s Dodo, Alice in Wonderland Reward systems hold the promise of digital tracking of students’ effort and decisions in lessons. But sometimes they backfire, as this…

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Performance Pay: It’s About to Hit the Fan

Originally posted on @LeadingLearner:
With the benefit of hindsight, Michael Gove may think his move from Education Secretary, to Chief Whip of the Conservative Party, came at just the right time. Photo Credit: Bruce Thomson via Flickr cc Mr Gove…

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In which I review ‘Punished by Rewards’ by Alfie Kohn

My Growth Mindset research and development project has led me in some unexpected directions. Over the past few months my reading around the idea of intrinsic motivation has led me from Judith Butler’s research into formative feedback [1] via Daniel … Continue reading

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