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In which I ask whether SOLO Taxonomy can be used to develop a growth mindset

I should be clear from the outset this post aims to outline the thought process by which we arrived at a research question for our research and development project on the growth mindset. It does not, at this stage, aim … Continue reading

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In which I start to consider specific teaching strategies to develop a growth mindset

In my previous post, [1] I suggested a series of whole-school and departmental level strategies that followed from my reading of Dweck’s Mindset. [2] However, the book came up somewhat short on translating this into classroom practice. My only concrete … Continue reading

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Blogs for the Week Ending 1st February 2014

Originally posted on The Echo Chamber:
A round up of the best education blogs from the last week. If you are an education blogger on WordPress, please reblog this post. On engagement (again) February 1, 2014 The engaging teacher in two schools February 1,…

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