In which I acknowledge the inspiration behind this blog.

Someone that I follow on Twitter retweeted this link:

I forget who it was, and I have neither the time nor (more significantly) the inclination to go trawling back through the past couple of months’ tweets to find out, but I found myself in agreement – especially after having decided, after five years of teaching, to unlearn how to teach.

Initially, I was inspired by ongoing conversations around the #geogsolo hashtag and spent a few weeks furiously reading up on, and trying to get my head around, SOLO taxonomy, HOT maps and the associated assessment rubrics. However, I then found myself falling victim to a kind of ‘mission creep’ as my reading up on SOLO taxonomy led me on to other research on flipped classrooms, project-based learning, Kagan co-operative learning structures and assessment for learning.

As much as anything, then, this blog is a dumping ground for my pseudo-structured thoughts as I experiment with a much more openly reflective approach to my practice. I also plan to post reviews on educational literature as I continue to engage with the theory, as well as the practice, of teaching. If anyone else can benefit from my ramblings, so much the better. And you’re welcome.


About carljphillips

Geography teacher. PhD in cultural/historical geography (Nott'm., 2006). SF/F genre fiction fan. Liverpool FC supporter. Libertarian. Humanist. Etc. I blog about the theory and practice of Geography teaching, and teaching in general.
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